Import Musical Works

Musical Works can be imported to Kue Sheet as an Excel spreadsheet.

Create an .xlsx spreadsheet with musical work data. Columns can include:

Musical Work Fields


Required. The musical work's name. Maximum length: 1024.


Optional. Maximum Length: 256.

Rights Owner Fields


Either abbreviation (ex: C) or role name (ex: Composer) are allowed.

  • C: Composer
  • AR: Arranger
  • A: Author
  • CA: Composer/Author
  • E: Publisher
  • AM: Administrator
  • AD: Adapter
  • SR: Sub-Arranger
  • SA: Sub-Author
  • TR: Translator
  • SE: Sub-Publisher


Expand list to view all accepted values.

  • BMI
  • PRS

Show All Affiliations


Recommended format is 2 decimal number, i.e; 33.33 for 1/3 percentage share. Percentage format is also accepted (ex: 33.33%).

Company Name

Publisher company name. Maximum length: 256.

First Name

First name of composer, arranger, other individual role holder. Maximum length: 256.

Last Name

Last name of composer, arranger, other individual role holder. Maximum length: 256.


Optionaly, publisher company name and composer first/last name can be entered in the same column. First/last names will be parsed and placed in seperate fields when imported.

While not required, first and last name should reside in their own columns for best results.

See Import Musical Works below for more information.


Download our sample/template for reference.

NOTE: Sample contains two sheets with different options. Select and use only one sheet and delete the unused worksheet before importing your musical works.

Download Sample/Template

From the main menu ( ), go to Musical Works and click ' Import Musical Works' on the left menu.

The link is also available from the left menu of a cue sheet's Session Files page.

Select your spreadsheet and upload to display the Musical Works Import screen.

Header Row

Check the box if your spreadsheet's first row contains column names.

Column Content

Select the content/field for each column with the dropdown list at the top of the column. If the column is empty, select --Do Not Import--.

NOTE: Be sure to scroll left to view all columns.

Company, First/Last Names

If publisher company name and individuals first/last names reside in the same column, ensure that corrent option is selected, i.e; if individuals names appear in 'last, first' format select the Company / Last, First Name option.


When ready, click 'Continue' to review and create musical works.

When spreadsheet data is processed, a list of the resulting musical works is displayed for review.


Review each musical work.

Duplicate Musical Works / Rights Owners

If a musical work already exists with the same name, a warning is displayed and an asterick appears next to the name (*)

If a rights owner already exists, an asterick appears to the right of the name.

Create Musical Works

For each musical work, click the link to display the musical work creation screen. Modify information, add/remove rights owners if necessary, and 'Save' to create.

Incomplete Musical Works Imports

If Work are not created for an uploaded file, the Songs Import session is deleted after 1 hour.