A report is your cue sheet output to an Excel or PDF document. Kue Sheet offers your choice of report layouts.

Kue Sheet offers your choice of report layouts.

Standard Format

This format uses the RapidCue® template and adheres to BMI and ASCAP cue sheet layout specifications. Create as an Excel spreadsheet for submission.

View Standard Layout Sample


For generating preliminary cue sheets.

View Preliminary Layout Sample

Layout 3

Project and cue sheet information is on the first page. Seperate "sections" for cue listing and songs used in the cue sheet.

View Layout 3 Sample

To generate a cue sheet report, go to the cue cue sheet and click the printer icon at upper and lower right of the Cues panel.

Report Layout

Select the layout to be used for the report. See Report Layouts

Page Orientation

Select Portrait or Landscape orientation. This option is not available for Standard layout reports; they are generated with landscape orientation.

File Type

Cue sheet reports can be generated as Excel or PDF files. Note that some reports, when in Excel format, have multiple worksheets. For example, the Preliminary Excel workbook has a worksheet for the project and cuesheet information and a worksheet for the cue listing..

File Name

The report file name is the name of the spreadsheet or pdf file, i.e. 20-03-02-0701-My Project-My Cue Sheet.xls. Kue Sheet generates a file name with format 'YY-MM-DD-HHMM-[Project Name]-[Cue Sheet Name]' where Y, M, D, H, and M are the current date and time.

Edit the file name if desired. Use only valid file name characters (\, /, ?, &, >, < characters are not allowed). Do not enter the extension a(.xlsx or .pdf) after the file name. It will be added automatically.


Click submit to generate report.


When created, the Download link appears. Use to save the file to your computer or download later (see below).

Project Files

Cue sheet reports are stored in our integrated file system where they can be accessed and downloaded at any time.

For more information, see the Project Files help.