Getting Around Kue Sheet

These features are avaialable from all pages in Kue Sheet

Navigation Menu

Use the menu button at upper right to access the navigation menu. Use it to go to Dashboard, Settings, Help, and more.


The help link opens documentation for the current page. If using a mobile device, click the menu button to access this link.


Notifications appear at upper right. A red badge will appear when a new new notification is available.


At page top, a navigation breadcrumb is commonly available below the top menu. For example, when viewing a cue sheet:

Projects > Cooking With Ken
Episode 1

Click Projects to go to your projects list. Cooking With Ken takes you to the detail page for the "Cooking With Ken" project. Episode 1 navigates to the "Episode 1" cue sheet's cues page.

Right Menu

The right menu offers options specific to the page being viewed. Open/close it with the button at top left.

For example, when viewing a cue sheet, the Cue Sheet panel sub-menu displays options to generate a report for the cue sheet, edit the cue sheet, view the cue sheet project, etc.

Common Actions

Open sub-menu

View List/See All

Create An Item

Edit/Modify An Item

Delete An Item.

Generate/Create A Report

Kue Sheet Objects


Cue Sheet

EDL Import


Rights Owner (Song Publisher, Auther, Etc.)

When viewing a list (ex: from the main menu, Projects displays a list of your projects), use sort/search to filter items displayed.


Click a column header to sort by that field (some colummns may not be sortable). Click again to sort in reverse order. An arrow appears next to the column header that results are sorted by.


Click the search button to open the search panel. Select criteria to filter the list and click the search button again to apply.

Clear/reset search with the minus button.

Close the search panel.

* An asterisk appears next to search button when search criteria is applied.

Kue Sheet is mobile-friendly. Pages are optimized for display on your phone or tablet as well as your desktop computer.


We recommend using your desktop computer to get familiar with Kue Sheet links/buttons.

When using a mobile device, some links are displayed as "icon-only." For example, the link:

Cue Sheet Reports

will appear as