The Kue Sheet home page offers you an overview, or "Quick View", of your projects, cue sheets, EDL imports, and reports.

Return to your Quick View from any page by clicking the Kue Sheet logo at upper right.


A project Is a film, TV series, Or other video that you are editing. Each project can have one or more cue sheets.

Up to 5 of your active projects are displayed in the Quick View projects panel (in alphabetical order by project name). Click a project to view.

See all of your projects with the list link.

Create a new project with the plus button. See Create/Edit A Project.

Cue Sheets

Each cue sheet belongs to a project. Multiple cue sheets can exist for a each project.

For example, a film project might have the following cue sheets:

  • Original Cue Sheet
  • Revised Cue Sheet

Or for a TV series:

  • Episode 1 Cue Sheet
  • Episode 2 Cue Sheet
  • Episode 3 Cue Sheet

Your 5 most recent cue sheets (in order by date created; newest to oldest). Cue sheets for inactive projects are excluded. Click a cue sheet to view.

See all cue sheets with the list link.


Notifications occur when:

  • EDL Ready To Process: An EDL has been uploaded for import and is awaiting processing options. Go to the cue sheet to set options and process.
  • EDL Processed: Go to cue sheet to view cues.
  • EDL Processing Error: Go to cue sheet to review.
  • Songs Import Incomplete: Create songs for imported records.
  • Subscription Expiration: Subscription or trial period is expiring.


A report is your cue sheet output to an Excel or PDF document. Kue Sheet offers your choice of report layouts.

The Reports panel displays recently created cue sheets. Click a report to view/download.

See all with the list link.