Project Files

Cue sheet reports are stored in Kue Sheet's integrated file storage system.

You may also upload other files for your projects (see Upload A File in Project Reports & Files below).

Project Files are accessible from the main menu, project, and cue sheet:

  • From The Main Menu : Click the Project Files menu item.
  • From The Project Page: Open the project folder with the icon at bottom left of the project details panel.
  • From The Cue Sheet Page: Click the project icon to open the project panel and use folder icon at lower right.

Folders and any number of sub-folders can be created in the storage system.

All folders must belong to a project.

Navigating Folders

The left column of the files window (not available on mobile devices) displays an expandable "tree view" of your projects and the folders within.

A "breadcrumb" at the top of right column displays the current "path." Example: Farther Away > Revisions > Version 1 is shown when project the folder Version 1 residing in the folder Revisions for the project Farther Away

The "top" level is a list of your active projects.

Click the chevron to expand a project/folder. Click a project/folder name to view contents in right column.

Inactive Projects

Only active projects are displayed. To show an inactive project, go to the inactive project page and click the Project Files icon.

*Cue Sheet Reports Folder

The *Cue Sheet Reports Folder is the "default" location for cue sheet reports. When a report is generated, it is automatically placed in this folder (the folder may not exist for all projects; it is created when the first cue sheet report is generated for a project cue sheet).

This folder cannot be renamed or deleted. Reports can be moved from this folder to a different folder if desired.

Create A Folder

In Files, go to a project or folder and use the folder-plus icon to create a new folder.

Edit A Folder

Use the edit link to the right of a folder to modify the folder name and/or notes.

Delete A Folder

Click on a folder and use the folder-minus icon to delete. Note: A folder cannot be deleted if any sub-folders or files exist within the folder.

Navigate to a folder to display and work with the cue sheet reports and files within.

Download A File

Navigate to a folder and click a file name in the list to download.

Edit A File

Click the edit link in the right column of a file. The file name, short details, and notes can be modified.

Delete A File

Click the edit link for a file and use the trash icon at lower left to delete the file.

Delete Multiple Files

To delete multiple files from a folder, check the box in the left column for each file. The trash icon appears at bottom right. Click to delete selected files.

Move A File To Another Folder

Move a file to another folder in one of two ways:

Drag & Drop

Open the folder for the file. Expand the tree in the right column so that the destination folder is visible. Drag the file to the right column and drop it into the destination folder.

Cut & Paste

Click the checkbox next to one or more files. The cut icon appears at bottom right. Click to cut the file(s).

Go to the destination folder and click the paste icon to move the files.

Upload A File

In addition to cue sheet reports, other project files can be uploaded for convenient access and organization.

To upload files for a project, create a project folder (or select one if already created). Go to the folder and use the upload link to add your file.