An EDL (Editing Decision List), also called the Session Text Files is a text file containing information about your editing session / project.

Creating a cue sheet from your session by:

  1. Export EDL from ProTools or Adobe Premiere
  2. Create a project or go to an existing project
  3. Create a cue sheet for the project or use the 'Create Cue Sheet From EDL' option.
  4. Upload EDL
  5. Review the upload and assign songs to your session files
  6. Cues are generated for your cue sheet

Open your ProTools session.

Mute Tracks

Muted tracks will not be imported.

Mute any tracks you do not want to import included in your cue sheet. Unmute tracks that should be imported.

Select Export Options

Click File > Export > Session Info As Text. Check / select the following options:

Option Sel.
Include File List
Include Clip List
Include Markers
Include Plug-in List
Include Track EDL's
All Tracks
Selected Tracks Only
Show Subframes
Include User Timestamps
Fade Handling
Show Crossfades
Don't Show Crossfades
Combine Crossfaded Clips (see below)
Time Format Timecode
File Format TextEdit

Fade Handling

Combine Crossfaded Clips

Combine Crossfaded Clips: Crossfaded events will be combined into one cue. Do not use this option if crossfades combine different songs.


Save your text file and import to Kue Sheet.

Open your session in Premiere. Go to the sequence to be exported. Click File > Export > EDL

Select Export Options

Use these options to create your EDL:

Start Timecode0Drop Frame
Include Video LevelsInclude Key Track
Include Audio LevelsInclude Transitions
Use Source File NameUse Sound Roll/Sound Timecode
Include Original Video File NameInclude ASC CDL and LUTs
Include Original Audio File Name
32-character names
Audio ProcessingAudio Follows Video

Audio Tracks Limit

Cue info for up to 4 audio tracks can be exported to an EDL from Premiere.

2 Stero Tracks

The right and left channels for two audio tracks can be selected:

Video: None
Audio 1: Track 1 - Channel 1
Audio 2: Track 1 - Channel 2
Audio 3: Track 2 - Channel 1
Audio 4: Track 2 - Channel 2

4 Mono Tracks

Four mono tracks can be selected if your audio events do not have "split" channels. "Split" channels means the right and left channels on a track are not equal length in one or more places. Usually, this is not the case.

Kue Sheet does not need both channels to generate cues; only the in and out time are used.

Select channel 1 from each track for EDL output.

Video: None
Audio 1: Track 1 - Channel 1
Audio 2: Track 2 - Channel 1
Audio 3: Track 3 - Channel 1
Audio 4: Track 4 - Channel 1


Save your text file and import to Kue Sheet.

Export EDL

Export EDL from your editing session. For help exporting EDL, see Export EDL From ProTools or Export EDL From Adobe Premiere above.


Go to a cue sheet and use the click the upload link () on the right menu or in the cue sheet panel.

Frame Rate

If importing a Premiere EDL, enter the frame rate of the session.

Select File

Click browse to select the exported EDL for upload.


Click 'Upload.' Kue Sheet will read track information and display the EDL Import options screen.


The Import EDL window appears when your EDL is uploaded. It provides options for processing your file.

Consolidate Events

Cues for the same session file/song can be consolidated. This option is useful if your sessions contains crossfaded events or events for the same song that overlap on different tracks.

Consolidate Cues On Same Track

Events on the same track are combined to create a single cue when one of the following is true:

  • Two clips are cross-faded.
  • A clip ends and the next clip uses the same song and begins within 1 second (or within the tolerance setting; see below)
Consolidate Cues Across Tracks

Events on two different tracks are combined when one of the following is true:

  • A clip ends and a clip on another track uses the same song and starts within 1 second (see tolerance).
  • A clip on another track uses the same song and starts between the start time and end time of another track (i.e.; overlaps another event with the same song).


Tolerance is the number of seconds between the first clip end time and the next clip start time. For exampe, if set to 1.5, a click that uses the same song and starts 1.5 seconds or less after the previous clip will be consolidated with the previous clip.


Unmuted tracks in your session are displayed.


When checked, events on the track will not be imported.


Usage for cues created will be set to specified usage. For example, if a track in the session contains Background Instrumentals only, all cues will be created with that usage.


If a track is dedicated to source cues, check to set created cues as Source cues.

No Consolidation

If consolidating across tracks, select to exclude that track from consolidation.

EDL imports will result in 'Error' status when processing was not successful.

Ensure correct export settings and source program selection.

Incorrect Export Settings

Ensure that the correct settings are used when exporting EDL.

See Export EDL From ProTools or Export EDL From Adobe Premiere.

Incorrect Source Program

The source program selected at upload was incorrect; i.e.; Pro Tools was selected and EDL was exported from Premiere or vice versa.