From the main menu ( ), click Subscription.

Subscription details are displayed in the top panel.


Your trial/subscription status:

  • Trial: Free trial is in effect
  • Active: Subscription is active OR payment information has been entered and subscription will start when trial ends
  • Active/Cancelled: Subscription is cancelled and will expire on next payment date
  • Trial Expired: Trial ended; subscription not created
  • Expired/Cancelled: Subscription failed payment or by cancelled by user (you).

Billing Amount

Amount billed each month or year (not available if status is Trial).

Billing Period

Monthly or yearly (not available if status is Trial).

Subscription ID

The PayPal ID for your subscription (not available if status is Trial).

Account Created

The date of initial sign up.

Last Payment

Date of last subscription payment (not available if status is Trial).

Next Payment / End Date

Date of next subscription payment or, if subscription status is Active/Cancelled, the date subscription will expire.

Start Date

Date of first subscription payment.

If status is Trial, Active/Cancelled, or Expired, use the Subscribe button at lower right of the subscription panel.

First Payment

If status is Trial, billing will not occur until the end of your trial. If Active/Cancelled, billing will occur when the current subscription expires.

Subscription payments are non-refundable. If subscription is cancelled, your account will remain valid until the end of the subscription period. See Kue Sheet Terms for details.

Subscriptions and payments are managed by PayPal®. To cancel your subscription:

  • Log into PayPal
  • Click gear at upper right to go to your account
  • Click the Payments tab
  • Click Manage Automatic Payments
  • Select the Kue Sheet automatic payment
  • Click Cancel

See PayPal Help For More Information.

The Payments panel contains subscription payment history as well as subscription sign-up(s) and cancellation(s).

Payment Detail

Click a payment to view details.