Manage your account details by selecting Settings from the main menu ( ).

Your contacct information is usually the same as your User name, email, etc.

Edit Contact

Click the edit icon to modify.

Your user login information.

Show Screen Tips

Turn screen tips on or off for your user account. Screen tips are displayed at page top on selected pages and offer hints and tips for users new to Kue Sheet.

Change Password

Change your password with the lock icon.

Edit User

Click the edit icon to modify your name, phone, and timezone.


Your login / email can be changed by Kue Sheet support administrators only. Contact support for assistance.

Modify the default format, font, and font size for report PDF generation.


Use the edit icon to modify.


Select the default layout for cue sheet reports. This value will be selected by default but another layout may be selected for each report.

See Reports.

PDF Font

The font used for report PDF's. Calibri is recommended.

PDF Font Size

Font point size. 8 Pt. font size is recommended.